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March 2019: We exceeded our donation goal!!!

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, we held a donation based class with proceeds going to the Love Your Brain Foundation. This is part of MindfulMarch to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Earlier this year my husband suffered a TBI. My background, in my early 20’s, was working with people with brain injuries. All these years later I found myself looking for knowledge to help aid in his recovery. By luck the organization “Love Your Brain” came onto our radar.


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Meditation & Tea Workshop!

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JANUARY 2018: Syracuse Therapeutic Yoga & UNYtea  teamed up to offer a Meditation and Tea Workshop in Camillus on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

Only 10 spots were available and it SOLD OUT!

Those in attendance learned how Meditation can be as easy as drinking a cup of tea! 

Here are all the things that attendees were be able to experience and leave with;

  • Gentle Yoga stretches

  • Traditional Tea Ceremony 

  • Easy Meditation Techniques

  • Tea tastings 

  • Samples of tea to take home

  • Your own Teacup to use and take home

  • Gaiwan (Traditional, personal Teapot)

  • Refreshments

  • Meditation Journal



New Accreditation:

Renee Goot completed the Adaptive Yoga program at Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, MN.


She believes Every Body can embrace their unique needs and be supported.



Now a Cancer Connects complimentary provider!

Cancer patients can apply for free vouchers to help provide a safe space to lower anxiety and find mindfulness.