Yoga Therapy explained


What if you could come to see your body as the source of your deepest wisdom, not an enemy or a battleground? What if you could learn to notice your worries and feelings, rather than control them or keep them inside?

The simple definition of YOGA is to yolk, to join together.

Yoga Therapy supports people to feel more balanced.

Stop fighting with your body, and struggling to "deal with" your emotions. Start cultivating a more loving relationship with your body, heart and mind.

Come be supported in your struggles, your longings and your victories.

Embrace the wisdom of your body. I practice a body-centered awareness therapy that combines elements of yoga, massage, meditation and psychotherapeutic dialogue to stimulate healing from within.

I support your unfolding with a variety of assisted postures and dialogue techniques, holding you in a safe environment so that you can experience deep self connection.

You are encouraged to tap into the wisdom of your body and discover your own unique capacity for healing.

Explore what’s happening in your body, mind, heart and spirit — and how these are all connected.

What Does Therapeutic Yoga Involve?

Centering - A guided meditation that allows you to relax, ground and become present to your body so that you can listen more deeply to her wisdom.

Yoga-inspired Assisted Postures - You get to relax, while I gently move your body into supported postures to encourage deep stretching, release of muscular and energetic tension and somatically-stored memories.

Mirroring Dialogue - A psychotherapeutic technique based on Carl Rogers’s philosophy that our bodies posses all of the capacity and wisdom we need to heal ourselves. This simple dialogue process accompanies the assisted postures, supporting your ability to explore physical sensations, emotional responses, memories or visions that surface and often go unnoticed in our daily lives.

Integration - A guided meditation that gives you the opportunity to integrate the wisdom and experiences that arose during your session, so that you can take your healing and new found awareness with you into your daily life. This process helps you to feel grounded as you walk out the door and gives you a foundation upon which your session can continue to integrate even more fully throughout the next few days.

In a holistic approach, student’s may opt to connect us with their health care provider(s) to learn the exact diagnosis of her/his condition and ascertain whether the practitioner advises moving into certain positions and avoiding others. During the intake session I ask you, the student, a series of detailed questions in order to individualize a program in either a private session or a group class. Our goal is to always keep you safe.

I am applying knowledge gained from education, training, additional courses/workshops, books and articles, research, trial and error, on-the-job and research training, plus my intuition as I deepen my own practices of meditation, and yoga.

Interested in taking the next step with an intake session?

I look forward to connecting with you!