About Renee

Photo by Come Together Studios

Photo by Come Together Studios


Being kind.




During her time working as a counselor, Renee discovered that more than diagnoses and complex treatment plans, what people need most is to be treated with compassion.

Years ago Renee was not so sure she trusted her body. Physical illness had her focusing on what was wrong with her body, rather than what valuable wisdom her body had to offer. She worried that she was powerless to affect her own healing, and feared that doctors and medication were the only solution.

After the loss of her mother to a terminal illness, Renee turned to yoga. She learned to show up as she was, no matter how she felt, or how hard the day had been. She also became a true believer in the profound wisdom of the body. Soon, Renee found that she was able to incorporate the balance she found through yoga into her daily life.

Inspired to help others learn to listen to their bodies and access its wisdom, Renee went on to study at the School of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (completed Levels 1 and 2), in Bristol, Vermont, and to become certified (200 Hr YTT) as a yoga teacher at the Infinite Light Center for Yoga and Wellness, in Jamesville, New York. In 2015 Renee completed the Adaptive Yoga program at Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Today, Renee is the owner of Syracuse Therapeutic Yoga. Renee’s work as a therapeutic yoga teacher offers people the chance to slow down long enough to notice what’s happening in their bodies, and find their own wisdom.

Renee believes that it is not about treating people, but about treating people with compassion so that they can heal themselves.

When Renee is not practicing or teaching yoga, you might find her taking in local art, music and cuisine, hiking with her husband and learning mindfulness from her dogs.